Top 5 Benefits Of Textured Hair Transplant

Hair transplant

Textured hair transplants are difficult to deal with, but Slot Gacor Maxwin malam ini you can achieve the results you want with the right surgeon in the right clinic.

Hair strands with certain shapes, mostly curly shape, coily, and curly hair, are called textured hair or also known as curls. The curl pattern has various types, some fine hair strands also have a texture in them, they can be mild or curly bumpy.

When a hair texture suffers from hair loss. Is that male Login Sbobet or female, the first question that arises in their minds is whether the hair restoration procedure changes their hair texture? They want to know whether hair transplants will be effective for them.

It is often realized that hair that is done well can improve your Slot Gacor Terbaru overall appearance. They add to the beauty and attraction of our personality. Many people go to an inexperienced doctor to transplant to save money. As a result, they did not receive satisfying results and in some cases, the appearance was really a disaster. Why compromise on something that affects our overall appearance.

How does a textured hair transplant work?

textured hair transplant

Textured hair transplants work in two techniques. Both techniques tend to be used in textured hair transplants.

· Extraction of follicle units

· Transplant of follicle unit

Extraction of follicle units

Fue is a treatment where the surgeon will remove the hair follicles mostly from the back of your scalp. It is taken from the back of your scalp to reach the mixture and reach your hair density.

Transplant of follicle unit

In the future, a surgeon will take hair follicles along with a piece of skin from behind your scalp. The follicles are then extracted from the strip individually and placed in the area of ​​your scalp suffering Slot Resmi from baldness. The size of the strip depends on the bald area that you want to discuss in the transplant.

Both in techniques, Fut and Fue, local anesthesia is used to kill the taste of the area so that the patient will not feel pain.

To achieve the best results in the focus-textured hair transplant is to increase the density and thickness of your hair.

The benefits of textured hair transplants

The following are some of the benefits of textured hair transplants. Let’s see:

Fewer hair follicles

The surgeon most prefer curly or textured hair rather than straight hair because they have the possibility of more successful results. For textured hair, fewer hair follicles are needed if the transplant is done by measuring the right angle.

Fuller hair

Textured hair transplants provide a more full and thicker hair appearance. Because hair texture is more volumetric than straight hair.

Results that are more visible naturally

To create a more natural appearance, it is important to add density to the hair. Full natural appearance requires density in a hair transplant procedure. Because textured hair is volumetric, they look more crowded and more full. Therefore, you can achieve an extraordinarily natural look.

Take less time

Curly hair transplants take less time. That’s because fewer hair follicles are needed to be transplanted. By using the FUE technique, recovery time is also short.

Better appearance

Full and thicker hair enhances your overall appearance. It adds to the beauty of your personality and makes you look very interesting.


Textured hair transplants are quite difficult because they need extra care when extracting and placing hair follicles. But at the same time, he has countless benefits. This helps you reach more complete hair that looks natural. Unlike straight hair, a small number of hair follicles are needed to extract from the scalp. Blogs will help you guide in detail about the benefits and procedures.

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